How To Choose Collors

In this post we will talk about colors! The art of choosing the right color for a logo (or any other design concept) is as hard as important and this post will bring you some information about how to choose the best color to your job. In this post with 6 great infographics we will talk about colors and it’s relevance to design.

1. What Your Web Design Says About You

What your Web Design Says About You

Going a little bit deeper, this site is also made to show you how certain colors create certain feelings in the viewer. They provide information on a lot of the in-between colors, such as light blue verses indigo, or pink vs. white or red. They peg it as “Color Science”, and show you how to properly utilize it for your own benefit.

2. Color Preference By Gender

Color Preference By Gender

This study set out to find the preference of colors by gender, to see the difference based on brain biology. While many were similar, others had a wide difference, such as the male majority liking blue, and females liking purple.

3. How Color Affects Our Purchases

How Color Affects Our Purchases

Color affects more than mood, it also changes our buying habits. According to studies, there is an 80percent change depending on color when it comes to online shops, ads and campaigns. This site provides tips on each color, to show you how you can aggressively or subtly call to your market.

4. Using Color in Graphic Design

Using Color in Graphic Design

A great, printable reference sheet that shows how colors can be used more effectively in marketing.

5. Most Powerful Colors On the Web

Ever wonder what the best colors on the web are? Using a study based on logos of the most influential and powerful companies on the web, they compiled an infographic that works as a list. From the dominating blue of Facebook, to the red of YouTube, this is a must see.

6. Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color

Many designers focus heavily on color schemes when they are working on logos, graphics or layouts. This is because the way a color is laid out will ultimately affect the impression and overall mood of the viewer. This infographic describes how each color mass a viewer feel, giving you an idea of how they will perceive your design.

As you can see, the color choice is not only a simple decision about beauty but it’s mainly a question about functionality.

Font: Post inspired in similar ones from inspired magazine and Netlogos’ Blog.


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