55 Fresh and Creative Logo Designs

The more businesses, and therefore logos, there are out there, the more challenging it is to make a fresh, unique, and creative one from scratch. For such a small graphic, a logo can take a lot of research, discussion and brainstorming! In case you get stuck on creating a logo design yourself, we’ve collected 55 of the freshest and latest logo designs to get your creative gears running. Choose your favorite, or cite other fresh and cool logos you know in the comments!

6 say cheese photography

55 smorss 4 pepper horn

5 tasty milk

10 frog tree

12 hoff bros 1

14 tropocol
15 westlands solar farms

16 airtistic

17 tuyen son

20 wine bottega
21 serenity
22 homespun chili creations
23 blue mountain electric
24 idea couch

25 eco taste 28 heavy design

29 crown airlines

36 umbrella foundation

37 colour things

40 royal theater
41 by award

43 coffee corner

45 five one design
49 seis tintas
50 kids club


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