30 Excelent Tips to Wrinting Inspiration

If you had already passed through a lack of good ideas right in the moment you wanted to post in your blog, this may be the right post to you. Take a look on some very useful tips about where to look to find your inspiration.

1. Is there something interesting in your email?
2. Is there something interesting in the news?
3. Is there a new product that has just been released?
4. Write about something you’d like to invent
5. Write about a concept design you read about
6. Write a “The Best of ____” post
7. Write about an event you attended
8. Write about comment sense things that everyone should know
9. Write about a historical event
10. Write a list post
11. Write about your opinion on something that is different from the standard opinion
12. Write about new trends or new technologies
13. Write about “the ugly truth” about something
14. Write about inspirational artwork you found online or in a gallery
15. Video yourself doing something funny or complicated
16. Pose a question
17. Create some visual eye candy with beautiful pictures
18. Analyze a graph, pie chart or flowchart
19. Conduct a poll and write about the results and your conclusions
20. Write a ‘part 2’ or follow-up to a previous post
21. Draw inspiration from your readers, and the comments that they leave

Dream a Little, or a Lot!
“Dreaming is an act of pure imagination, attesting in all men a creative power.” ~ H.F. Hedge

You Can Always Count on Your Favorite Websites for Blogging Inspiration

22. 100 Inspirational Posts To Make You A Better Writer
23. 75 Blog Quotes For Inspiration, Creativity & Success
24. F.ind I.nspiration T.oday
25. Fuel Your Writing
26. Hot Topics – Inspiration for Bloggers
27. Mind Mapping
28. Your favorite blogs
29. Write about three wishes you would ask your genie
30. Write about the internal dialogue you have with yourself


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